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Welcome to Big Sky Care Connect (BSCC)! Here you can learn more about Montana’s premier Health Information Exchange (HIE) connecting providers, insurers, and healthcare facilities across Montana through a comprehensive technology platform benefiting everyone who relies on health information, but most importantly, it benefits you, the patient.

Better Information, Better Care

BSCC, Montana’s health information exchange, is a statewide network which allows health information to be securely shared. Healthcare organizations of all types across Montana have the opportunity to participate in the HIE. The BSCC HIE is supported by the healthcare community because it will provide qualified medical professionals access to accurate, up-to-date patient information, which will help them provide more informed, better quality care across care settings. No matter where you are seeking treatment in the state of Montana, your provider will be able to access your health information at the point of care if they are a part of the BSCC network.

What is BSCC going to cost me?

The services provided by BSCC will not cost the patient anything! Patients are able to participate for free. If your healthcare provider is a BSCC participant, your health information will be included in the HIE.

What if I want to opt out?

It’s Your Decision

While there are great benefits to being part of the BSCC network, you can opt out by informing your provider that you do not want your health information accessed. To do so you may:

If your provider(s) are participating in BSCC , they are required to notify you of their participation.

If you visit a doctor’s office, hospital or clinic that is participating in the BSCC HIE and do not want your health information accessed, simply tell the doctor or other healthcare provider and ask to sign an “Opt- out” form. We encourage you to first talk to your doctor about this decision or to review our FAQs about the HIE.