Why should we join BSCC?

Joining BSCC as a payor partner gives the appropriate access to a unique amount of data about the members you serve. Interacting with the data managed by BSCC can help teams conduct in-depth analysis on cost-effectiveness and see what services are needed where in Montana. The more robust and usable data in the BSCC network that is actionable for providers, patients, and payors then the more the healthcare community can learn about health trends in the state and share that valuable information with frontline healthcare teams. 

What happens to the data we share?

Data shared through BSCC is used by healthcare facilities and providers to assist them in meeting  the quadruple aim: improve patient experience, reduce cost of care, create better health outcomes, and improve the provider experience. It also helps patient care teams improve case management with real-time data about medications, current issues, past hospitalizations, and more. 

The patient information in the BSCC network is encrypted, stored securely, and handled confidentially meeting HIPAA standards. The HIE utilizes a single sign-on authentication service and Trusted Exchange Framework to thoroughly verify a user’s identity. Patient data access is tracked and audited in accordance with regulatory requirements. Patients have the opportunity to allow their information to be shared or not.  By default, all patients are opted into the BSCC HIE.  Patients can opt out at any time by contacting their provider or BSCC. Patients can also revoke their opt out status at any time in the same way.

More information

For additional information on Big Sky Care Connect, to join our efforts, or start enrolling with us, please contact us at information@mtbscc.org or give us a call at 406.422.1078. We look forward to hearing from you.